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About Us

Grouphase is a international wholesale trading company of consumer electronics products and original accessories. It was founded by industry professionals with decades of experience in the distribution of consumer electronics and retail products. Our passion, market knowledge and professionalism make us a reliable partner of primary importance for all our customers. We use all our experience to always guarantee our customers the best possible service in terms of price, availability and speed of reaction.

At the company, our main role is to apply our many years of experience with relationships with leading suppliers to offer comprehensive services and solutions to our partners.

Grouphase Limited cares about the satisfaction of its customers, which is why we make use of the skills of professionals who have in-depth knowledge of all the issues related to the performance of a sales and product research activity, in close collaboration with a team of leading professionals order, we work daily for the continuous improvement of our offers.


Our positive aspects and the services we provide.

Software development

We provide process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components.

Network management

We configuring, monitoring, and maintaining a reliable network—ensuring connectivity between devices and the people or software applications that use them.

Cybersecurity solutions

Our task is creating solutions are technological tools and services that help protect organizations against cyber attacks, which can result in application downtime, theft of sensitive data, damage to reputation, compliance fines, and other adverse consequences.

Cloud computing services

Delivering of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

IT consulting and marketing research

We help clients evaluate different technology and marketing strategies and thus align them.

System integration

Bringing together the component sub-systems into one system.

Data analytics

Convert raw data into actionable insights. It includes a range of tools, technologies, and processes used to find trends and solve problems by using data.

Technical support

We guaranteeing all assistance services with original spare parts and 24-hour support at the highest level, thanks to our experience and all wide range of possibilities available to the buyer.

Consumer electronics and original accessories

Buying from Grouphase means relying on a qualified partner, prepared and always ready for every technological need.

Why choose us?

We want to be your full-service, creative IT company.

We know there are a lot of IT companies and it may be difficult to select the best partner. If you are looking for an online marketing agency who can handle your website needs from design through development and into ongoing promotion, we will not disappoint.

Focusing on client success

Our team takes a balanced, customized approach to each project from the discovery all the way to launch—and beyond. We don't just create beautiful websites, we create successful business website solutions. Our web design portfolio speaks for itself and we are happy to provide references.

We listen & do our homework

You know your business better than anyone, so our first step is to listen while you tell us about your business and market. We’ll then do some research on our own so that we really get to know the ins-and-outs of your industry and hot buttons for your audience. With this knowledge, we’ll help you define what makes you unique. This upfront effort is a proven way to make a significant difference in the end result.

Creative ideas & sound solutions

We are not a team of robots delivering a fancy home page widget to every client. We work hard to understand each client's industry and their online marketing goals, so that we may bring fresh ideas to the table—every time. The objective behind all of our ideas is client success and satisfaction—today and tomorrow. We don’t just want to build a website that you’re happy with today. We want to help you manage, measure, and develop.



Hours Of Support

Hard Workers

On time & within budget.

Nothing like ordering a steak but getting chicken. That won’t happen with TBH. We believe you should get what we agreed to without surprises (unless it’s something extra—like a free dessert with that steak). We are clear from the initial proposal to set expectations and ensure success. Each of our projects is structured to be on-time, within budget, and without surprises.

We will bring energy & focus to your team.

When we work together, we consider ourselves to be part of your team—your Internet marketing team. Together we will develop solutions that creatively address your business needs. What do we bring to the team? We bring solid experience: our leadership team has worked with code, design programs and the Internet since its infancy. We bring collaboration: we know how to bring people, technology and creativity together. And we bring friendly faces: sometimes we even bring coffee and treats.